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I Moved to Dubai!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Saying goodbye to my life in Oregon was difficult. I loved my life- my friends, my jobs, the volunteer organizations I was involved in- everything! Many times before my move, the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” would creep into my thoughts. Though I understood the reasoning behind this saying, I saw many issues with it (other than the grammar, obviously!) No, my life wasn’t broken; I had built it over the course of five years and was proud of what I had established in Bend. Had I listened to the saying, I would probably still be in Central Oregon enjoying the life I loved, maybe or maybe not, developing as an individual. Instead, I chose to “fix” my life anyway and uproot myself from the dry soil of Bend and land on the (exceptionally) hot concrete of Dubai. I chose to change every aspect of my life with the hopes of experiencing something better- to expand my horizons, to get out of my comfort zone, to life my best life (and to have an excuse to use these fabulous clichés). It has officially been one week since I arrived in the UAE and I can honestly say, that this was the right move for me!

Back in Bend, I was always occupied. I was a full-time college student, worked four jobs, volunteered with numerous nonprofits, and dedicated my free time to seeing friends and family. Each day was scheduled from the moment I woke up to the second I went to bed and I rarely had time to breathe. Relaxing was as much of a novelty as a tap-dancing unicorn and my mind was always going a million-miles a minute. Since my arrival in Dubai, I have been awarded the luxury of relaxing by the beach, reflecting on my relocation, and dedicating my days to personal and career development. I can breathe again, my mind is clear, and I am happy. I think it’s amazing how a just a mere change of scenery can evoke such clarity and peace of mind. This move was exactly what I needed. Though my old life wasn’t broken, I’m so happy I decided to fix it anyway!



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