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Honoring My Dad at the Louvre

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

900: the number of art museums I have been to in my life (probably).

10,000: the number of times I complained about being inside of an art museum (definitely).

Growing up, I had a lovely, yet complicated relationship with art. Because my dad is an artist (shout out to Philip Noyed!) I spent a ton of time doing art-related things; from throwing pots in my family's art studio to attending any art fair in a 200 mile radius, my family was always there to celebrate art, culture, and everything in between.

I enjoyed everything about my artistic upbringing: the encouragement, the inspiration, the hands on activities- but what I never enjoyed during my youth was going to art museums. To me, going to an art museum was like going to the doctor; it was something I had to do to be a healthy Noyed, but it was always something I kind of dreaded when I was a little girl. I think the experience always left me frustrated; why was a painting with a few marks on it considered art if I could do it? Why did people attempt to find the hidden meaning of a sculpture when maybe the artist just made it to pass time? I just didn’t get it. I was just too literal.

As I got older, I shifted my focus from the actual art to examining which painting had the best frame around it (no joke!) Additionally, I began to appreciate the exhibits that displayed ancient tools that were once utilized for practical purposes and fell in love with the historical and cultural aspects of the museums.

I also began to watch my dad- his reactions to the exhibits and his excitement as he walked through the halls of an art museum. It amazed me that he could spend hours drawing inspiration from the experience- his face lighting up as he dreamt of his next creation. It's a special experience to witness someone get lost in their passion- and let me tell you- it's contagious.

Now, I love spending time at art museums. Though I haven’t lived in the same city as my dad for many years, spending time at art museums makes me feel close to him despite our geographical distance. This is a gift I hold very dear.

Recently, I went to the Louvre in Abu Dhabi and was overjoyed by the experience; no, not because of the art (though I do find joy in examining it now) but because I could picture how happy the museum would make my dad. So, in honor of you, dad, this is for you. (:



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