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Healthy is Not a Size! with Ally Galloway

Hey friends! In this week's episode of the Life with Color podcast, I sit down with Ally Galloway and talk with her about Health at Every Size, Diet Culture, the Body Positivity Movement,  as well as her own recovery story!

As a gym owner and life coach, Ally works directly within the health and fitness industry; however, Ally's approach is unique: she helps people celebrate their bodies' strength and ability, while combating Diet Culture's toxic messages. In addition to running her business, Ally is involved with the Bend, Oregon NEDA Walk with the National Eating Disorder Association as a way to bring education, resources and support to Central Oregon. In fact, it was Ally who took over as the Head Coordinator when I moved to Dubai in 2018; although, she has been an active supporter from day one! I have so much respect for this ED Warrior, fierce female business owner, active community member, and all-around fantastic person! Please enjoy this week's episode with the amazing Ally Galloway! :)

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Katie Noyed

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