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ED Recovery in Denmark with Josephine Hansen

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a fantastic start to your week! :)

I'm excited to share a new addition to the podcast: the Life with Color Recovery Series!!! In this series, I will be talking with individuals who have experienced eating disorder treatment and recovery in different countries around the world. Topics that will be covered in the recovery series are not limited to: culture, society, treatment, recovery, and so much more!

This week's episode is particularly special to me because the guest is not only my dear fried, but she is also my host sister as well! I met Josephine (Josie) Hansen 8 years ago when I lived with her family as an exchange student in Denmark. Josie is such a kind, open, and bubbly person and it is a true honor to be able to share her eating disorder recovery story on this podcast!

Have you ever wondered what society is like in Denmark? Or what environmental factors Denmark has that may contribute to disordered eating? What about the process of receiving ED treatment and being in recovery in Denmark? If any of these topics sound interesting to you, this week's episode of the Life with Color podcast is for YOU!




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With love,

Katie Noyed

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