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Combating Perfectionism Through Dance + Psychology with Olga Skalska

Hey everyone! I'm very excited to release this month's episode of the Life with Color Podcast! Here is a little info on our guest, and what you can look forward to:

Olga Skalska is a Polish psychologist, life coach, business owner, and facilitator of The Groove Method by Misty Tripoli. Olga's business, Move&Grow, combines dance and psychology to help people develop healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive body image. In this episode, Olga shares her own experiences with battling perfectionism, and she also shares her journey of learning to love and respect her authentic self through dancing with The Groove Method!

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If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing to the podcast, giving it a review, or sharing it with your friends! You can also find the Life with Color podcast on Facebook and Instagram if you want the latest details! Also, thank you for your patience regarding the new posting schedule! As you know, the Life With Color podcast has shifted to a monthly schedule with new episodes being released the first of every month. Grad school has proven to be quite the commitment, but I'm pushing through! I hope you all understand, and are excited for new monthly content in the future!

With love,

Katie Noyed

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